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About the Program

We are looking for established technology startups or tech-enabled startups to join our Spring 2021 12-week cohort. The accelerator is designed to equip founders with advanced business and personal growth skills, provide access to mentors, investors and an opportunity of seed funding. Intensive weekly sessions on finance, product development, and marketing, among many others will be the foundation of the accelerator. Additionally, startup founders will be matched with mentors and have the chance to attend exclusive talks by local and international speakers throughout the cohort. If you are accepted to the Takween Accelerator, you will receive these benefits:

Equity-Free Seed Investment

Seed funding for top startups. No cost & no equity share to participate.

Intensive 12-Week Cohort

Intensive training to improve your Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR and leadership skills. Learn the due diligence process and become investor ready.

Join From Anywhere in Iraq and Kurdistan

We encourage startups from any location in Iraq or the Kurdistan Region to apply. All sessions will be delivered online so no travel is required.

Stipend Assistance with Full Participation

Monthly stipend to support your expenses during the 12-week cohort.

1:1 Mentor Pairing

Access to an international network of mentors and global subject matter experts in Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Investment Readiness.

Access to Capital

The opportunity to pitch your startup in front of a global network of investors on Demo Day.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

  • Have a Startup based in the Kurdistan Region (KRI) or Iraq.
  • Have been running your Startup a minimum of two years.
  • Are currently generating revenue (not required to be profitable).
  • Have a technology-based business, for example, a mobile app, SaaS, EdTech, or other technology based startup. OR you have a technology-enabled business for example, an E-Commerce or online marketplace, or a fully online service (SaaS, platform, etc).
  • Are currently looking to grow your business and looking for outside investment.
  • Fluent in English; writing and speaking.
  • Are not a software development as a service company, or a social media marketing agency or any other type of agencies and consultancies.
  • Are not an oil or construction company, are not a brick and mortar business, and are not a business over 5 years old.

Selection Criteria

  • Startups working on innovative and disruptive solutions addressing a gap in the market
  • High growth potential locally and regionally
  • Companies that are between 2-5 years old
  • Showing initial signs of traction and revenue
  • Commitment to the program (live attendance of approx 7hrs per week for 12 weeks)
  • Inclusion of a 2 minute video in English about you and your startup
  • Successful completion of a live interview with Takween staff

Application Process

Applications open

January 3, 2021

Applications Close

February 4, 2021

Evaluation 1st Round

Until the 8th of February


Until the 17th of February

Second Round Evaluation

Until the 19th of February

Inform the Applicants

22nd of February

12-week cohort starts

February 28, 2021

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